About us

Thomas ArnoldArnold-Arnold Ltd. is a horticulture company from Unteraegeri/ZG and was founded in 2009.

We are working in and around the canton of Zug.

It is our prime principle is to make time for our custormers and to please their needs. We try to opzimise the costs - the most expensive way not necessarily the best one.

We take care of site management all around the garden and, if necessary, employ addintional craftsmen.

Besides our horticulture activities, we keep a small agricultural farm with goats, chickens and Scottish highland cattles.


Arnold-Arnold GmbH
Wilbrunnenstrasse 152
6314 Unterägeri



Arnold-Arnold Ltd
Wilbrunnenstrasse 152
6314 Unterägeri Schweiz

Mobile: 079 562 33 92

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